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You were taken too soon. You were my age. Taken away by a man who, “wanted to be famous”.

You sir, you will be the famous one. You are the one who followed through in your goals to be a police officer in the city you grew up in. You asked to be placed in the toughest part of the city so you can learn as much as possible, all while making a difference in the city you loved so dear.

You, Officer Santiago, will make a difference. While you only worked the streets for seven months, the difference you will make will last for a long time.

The word is already spreading that Jersey City may put bullet proof windshields in patrol cars. The city is going to start a crackdown on crime in the precinct you wished so much to help clean up.

You, Melvin Santiago, are a brother. Forever a brother of that thin blue.

Officer Melvin Santiago
Jersey City Police Department
End of Watch 07/13/2014


Tired of this “fuck the cops, I hate them” fad. These people risk their lives for their country just like troops. They don’t do it for the money, because most get paid under 30k a year. Most have to serve 40-50 years before retiring. Most don’t receive life benefits. They do it because they love what they do, without them crime would be worse then it is. I will not stop respecting them just because of the actions of a few.


Anonymous asked:

Ok. Let's just take a group of cops. Call them "bad". Ok, put this small group next to this fucking enormous group of COPS THAT SAVE PEOPLES ASSES DAILY. Let's call this... WHAT THE SITUATION ACTUALLY IS. NOT ALL COPS ARE VICIOUS AND HEARTLESS. 99% of them are the opposite. So when you're being robbed at gunpoint. Or bleeding out in a car accident. Don't you dare call for the police/fire/paramedics if you're like the ones yelling "fuck the police."


I always have to laugh at idiots who scream fuck the police as they have a blunt in one hand and a gun in the other. Idiots. I think anyone who says fuck the police are idiots. They protect us every day and I give my thanks to the cops because on a sketchy call for fire/ems, who do we call to go into a possible hostile situation before we do? Cops. They clear any hazards for us, get the gun away from the patient, take down combatives and angry drunks that try to take a swing at us. They go in the danger zone first to make sure we are safe to do our job. They direct traffic on car accident scenes and try to prevent us getting hit by cars. Hats off to y’all, I along with my fire and ems brothers and sisters appreciate what you do even though firefighters and cops always joke about who is better. I couldn’t do my job safely without my law enforcement brothers and sisters.

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